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The beautiful country Panama is situated in the south of Central America and connects North and South America. Besides a breathtaking landscape the country is known worldwide by its channel, which connects the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. The Panama Canal is not only the country’s most visited sight but also of high importance from an economical point of view.

Throughout the last years Panama has recognized an increasing success as surf destination, offering its guests ideal conditions. The geographical position allows surf travelers to profit from both, the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. On both coastal lines of the country visitors will find comfortable surf accommodations such as surf camps or surf hostels. Other points that speak for Panama as surf destination are the lack of crowds and beautiful beaches.

One of the best surf regions on the Atlantic coast of Panama is the Bocas del Toro Archipelago. It provides countless stunning little islands with white sand beaches and great waves. The archipelago perfectly fits the needs of surf beginners as well as surf professionals. Thanks to a huge amount of leisure activities such as swimming, scuba diving or fishing this place is also frequently visited by non-surfers. At the outskirts of Panama City visitors will find the Panama Bay beaches - another beautiful surfing spot. This place is also famous for its various surf accommodations.

Besides comfortable surf hostels, surf camps and surf hotels, travelers can book cheap surfcamp packages. Also, a highly recommended surf region is along the whole Pacific coast, for example the small island “Morro Negrito".

Currency: Balbao PAB; USD
Size (sq km): 75.340
Coastline (km): 2.490
Population: 3.360.474
Language: Spanish, English

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