Surfing in Nicaragua

Surf in Nicaragua and stay at great surf accommodations

Nicaragua is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage and a long history. It is the largest country in Central America offering visitors an amazing landscape and fascinating sights. Over the last years, Nicaragua has become a well-known surf destination worldwide. Perfect climatic conditions, warm waters and great waves are only some of the country’s assets. Nicaragua also provides surfers with stunning hidden beaches, empty waters and comfortable surf accommodations such as surf camps or surf hostels.

Surfers who come to Nicaragua for the first time should start at Quinzala near Managua. Although sometimes very crowded, this spot offers ideal surf conditions and is a good address especially for beginner. The Rivas Province at the Pacific Coast is also recommended for surf travelers. These spots are famous for beach breaks and point breaks and fits the needs of beginners as well as professionals. Experienced surfers should visit the places Playa el Yanqui, Aposentillo, Playa Papollo, Santana, San Juan del Sur, as well as Manzanillo.

The country provides its guests with cheap surf accommodations such as surf camp or surf hostel. The surfcamps near Playa Maderas San Juan del Sur, for example, are very beautiful and highly frequented by surfers.

Currency: Córdoba NIO
Size (sq km): 130.370
Coastline (km): 910
Population: 5.891.199
Language: Spanish

Surf spots

Pacific Coast Nicaragua
Playa Colorado
Playa Maderas

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