Surfing in Mexico

Surf in Mexico and stay at great surf accommodations

Representing the border between the US and wild Central America, Mexico is a country of many faces. The deserts in the heartland, the tropical beaches of more than nine thousand km of coastline, party heaven Yucatan or the native Indian villages in the rainforests of Chiapas, Mexico offers a great variety of exciting experiences to every visitor.

Just as multifaceted is the surf all along the Pacific coast, the west coast. Countless beach and reef breaks combined with all kind of surf accommodation, surf camps and surf hostels as well as surf hotels suit every type of surfer. Pascuales, Rio Nexpa and La Ticla are just a tiny choice of Mexico´s world class spots. Not to forget Zicatella in Puerto Escondido also known as the "Mexican Pipeline".

Getting around in Mexico is relatively easy and cheap, the big coach companies offer good services for getting from one town to another. But reaching surf-spots in between could become a problem without an own vehicle. Therefore, staying in surfcamps is a good option, as they usually offer shuttle services.

Surf accommodation prices range from 10-20$ for cheap surf hostels to 20-70$ for a middle class surf hotel, surf camps usually can be found in between, but offer full packages including surf lessons and full or half board.
Filling Burritos or Tacos are available for 2-8$, a restaurant will sort you out for less than 20$.

November till May is a good time to escape the winter of the northern hemisphere to surf and travel in great weather. But choose the wet season (June-October) to see the most famous waves fireing at their best. Leave your wetsuit at home, unless planning to surf the northern spots of Baja California in wintertime.

Currency: Mexican peso MXN
Size (sq km): 13.888
Coastline (km): 3.542
Population: 307.552
Language: English, Creole

Surf spots

North Baja Mexico
Surf spot Mexico North Baja
South Baja Mexico
Surf spot Mexico South Baja
North Coast Mexico
Surf spot Mexico North Coast
Central Coast Mexico
San Pancho
El Faro
The cove
La Lancha
South Coast Mexico
Surf spot Mexico South coast
Barra de la Cruz
La Bocana
Gulf Mexico
Surf spot Mexico Gulf

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