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Surf  the Canary Islands and sleep in great surf accommodations

The Canary Islands provide ideal surf conditions all year round on the four biggest islands: Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife. With the wide range of beach- and reef breaks, beginners as well as advanced surfers will get their money worth. Based on the large number of surf spots, the Canary Islands are often qualified as the Hawaii of Europe. A variety of surf accommodations such as surfcamps, surf hotels and surf hostels bring in many surf tourists coming just for the surf. The Canary Islands also host many surf schools, bringing beginners on the board. A constantly good wave quality, the turquoise warm water and the mild climate with lots of sun throughout the whole year, provide an unforgettable surf experience.

Surf Spots and surf camps are located on all of the Canary Islands, particularly in the northern parts. Currently, we host several surf camps on Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Most surf camps are located at the North coast of Fuerteventura close to Corralejo.

Prices for surf accommodations range from 20 € to 60 € per night. Usually, flights to the Islands are the most expensive part of a surf trip. To get you the most out of your travel budget, many surfcamps offer packages including accommodation, surf classes and surf board rental.


Currency Euro EUR
Size (sq km) 1.660
Coastline (km) 340
Population 100.929
Language Spanish

Gran Canaria

Currency Euro EUR
Size (sq km) 1.560
Coastline (km) 236
Population 829.597
Language Spanish


Currency Euro EUR
Size (sq km) 2.034
Coastline (km)  
Population 899.833
Language Spanish

Surf spots

Gran Canaria
La derecha del Faro
El Confital
La Cicer
El Lloret
Caleta de Famara
La Santa
El Muelle
Rocky point (punta elena)
Harbor Wall
El Pozo
La Pared
Cruz Roja
Esquinzo Left
Grandes Playas
Los Lobos
Playa del Morro
Playa Blanca
El bunquer
La derecha
El Medio

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