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Surf world class waves on Bali and sleep in great surf accommodations

We're sure, that everybody who's keen on surfing will have heard of the surfer’s paradise in the Indian Ocean: Bali. Bali is located between Java and Lombok and sometimes goes by the name "Isle of the Gods", due to a strong Hindu influence. Religious habits play an important role in everyday life of the balinese people. Lots of tourists from all over the world come to Bali every year to discover the terrific landscape with its rice terraces and indigenous culture.

Denpasar is the capital of the island and located in the South might be the starting point for adventurous trips to e.g. the cultural town Ubud or the volcano Mount Batur. Although Bali offers various opportunities to create your time and leave lusting for more, most backpackers or package tourists come for one reason: surfing the great waves and having a great time in one of the numerous surf camps. Most surf camps are located in the south of the island. Lots of them spend their time in surf camps or surf schools to improve their surf skills.

From beginner to professional, on Bali are breaks for everyone. Hundreds of surf enthusiasts hang out on Kuta Beach, the most crowded place on Bali. Beginners come there to learn in the beach break over the sandy bottom. If you are an advanced rider you ought to head out to one of the world-famous spots like Uluwatu or Dreamland. Reef or sand, right- or left-hander, with Bali you're sure to be making the right choice!

Flights from Europe can be found from 600 €. You don't have to bring your own surf board. In all surf camps you have the possibility to rent or buy one. Surf camps offer more than just accommodation. Exploring the whole island with a guide and surfing the best waves that suit your surf skills is included in the price of most of the surf camps.

Bali offers more acoomoodation than just surf camps. Find also cheap hostels or bungalows as well as luxury lodges, hotels or resorts which have specialized on surf travelers.

Surf spots

West Bali
Medewi Surfspot
Medewi Rivermouth
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East Bali

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