Surfing in Asia

Surf world class waves in Asia and sleep in excellent surf accommodations

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent. It is bordered by Europe, the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean as well as the Indian Ocean. The continent is famous for a huge variety of different cultures, landscapes and animal life. Asia has many different kinds of climate. It provides Tourists with some of the hottest, coldest, driest and wettest zones on earth.

Over the last two decades Asia has become an excellent address for surfers providing world class waves and well equipped surf accommodations such as surf hostel and surf camp. Most surf camps and surf hostels can be found in Indonesia but the most comfortable Asia surf camps are situated in Japan. Most surf accommodations provide surf travelers with detailed information about the best surf spots and local area information.  Asia`s most famous surf spots can be found in Indonesia, most likely in  Bali. Places such as Padang Padang, G-Land and Uluwatu are a must for surfers worldwide. Furthermore, these spots are crowded with some of the best surf camps of Asia. Other good surf spots and surf accommodation can be found in Sri Lanka and on the Philippines. 

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