Surfing in Africa

Surf the well known waves or go on a real adventure

Africa is probably one of the continents that has the least surf camps compared to its size.There are most likely hounders of spots that are to be discovered for surfing. The two most popular destinations are Morocco and South Africa, well known for surf class waves like J-Bay.

As Africa spans right over the equator, you need a shorty in most countries. The further south you go, the colder gets the water and the higher are the chances that you need a thick wetsuit.

Surf Camps in Morocco are rather cheap; however, the standard of living is not very high. Morocco is for those who love adventures. Traveling around may take more time because people have a laid back mentality.

Surf Camps in South Africa have a higher standard as compared to most other camps in Africa, since the whole country is more developed. Higher standards are as always accompanied by higher prices. South African surf camps are no exception so if you plan a trip from any other continent to South Africa, be prepared to pay more on your journey as well as on your accommodation.


South Africa

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