Surfboard baggage fee comparison 2012

Which airline charges which extra fee for surfboard bags?

Most airlines charge extra fees for additional or oversized luggage like surfboards - categorized as sport equipment. When traveling with your surfboard a cheap airline ticket can become a lot more expensive. To not get shocked checking in your surf board at the airport while the clerk ask you for something like $200 we created a quick comparison of surfboard baggage fees of major airlines worldwide.
-update on 15.11.2012-


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$75 at the airport
$70 via Callcenter

One way and per board.

Air Canada

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$ 50 per surfboard  One way and per board. Max linear dimensions (length + width + height: 277 cm/109 in; Max. length 203 cm/80 in Maximum length: 203 cm (80 in). Pre-register at time of booking.

Air France

Air France

55€/55$ European flights
100€/150$ Inter-continental

Max. 300 cm and 23 kg / 50 lb per item and per single flight segment. Call in advance.

Air New Zealand

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15 - 115 $ / surfboard  Prices depending extremely on flight route. The first piece of sporting equipment over the allowance will be charged at 50% of the first bag rate. Max. 2.5 m, 32kg (70 lbs)

Air Tahiti Nui

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One board is FREE  Max. weight 23kg.


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75€ European flights
200€ Intercontinental flights
Per single flight segment.

American Airlines

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$150 per boardbag 30 kg/70 lbs., 10'


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$50 / bag up to 6’8″ Max. weight 23kg


Free = Domestic
30$ -125$

23kg (51lb), Domestic Columbian flights are free. Other prices depending on routes.

British Airways

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Free - 50$ Free as part of your checked baggage allowance. Max. size of boardbag!: 190cm x 75cm x 65cm (75 x 29.5 x 25.5 inches), Max. weight: 23kg (51lb), up to 32kg (70lb) will be accepted with heavy bag charge. 

China Airlines

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80 - 250 $ Prices depending extremely on flight route. One board not exceeding 109 inches (277cms) to be charged at 100% of one excess baggage charge, or one board exceeding 109 inches (277cms) to be charged at 150% of one excess baggage charge. Additional board(s) will be charged at the same rate as the 1st board.


50 €/$65 medium-haul

75€/$98 long-haul

Per Board. Subject to mandatory registration. Up to 30 kg, max. dimensions: 400 cm length x 70 cm width x 55 cm height. Dimension details must be indicated to establish whether and how the item can be carried.

Delta Airlines

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150 €/$ Worldwide
105 €/$  North Africa
100 €/$ Brazil

Surfboards are allowed up to two (2) boards per bag. Bags over 70 lbs. will be charged the excess weight fee. Surfboards over 115 linear inches will not be accepted


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FREE Boards up to 10’ are included as part of your 30kg check-in baggage allowance


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$35  inter island
$100 HI <-> US mainland
$200 international

Max. - 11 feet, 50lbs/23kg, 2 boards per bag


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150 EUR
60 $ Brazil (outbound and return)

2.5m. in lengthbooked at least 24 hours before passengers arrive at check-in


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50 $ Per board and each way. It counts as one of your checked bags. Note: Items weighing more than one hundred pounds (100 lbs) will not be accepted as checked baggage. Max. 300 cm/ 118 inches.


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55€/55$ European flights   100€/150$ Inter-continental If it is shorter than 107 cm (42 inches) your equipment will be considered as standard baggage and can be checked in as part of your regular baggage allowance.


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50€/70$ Continental
100€/150$ Inter-continental

max length 2m. Please register 


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FREE Free as part of your checked baggage allowance. Must not exceed 32kg (70lb) in weight and 277cm (109in) in length

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

FREE An additional complimentary 10Kg will be allowed over and above the baggage allowance as stated on your e-ticket. (except for flights to and from North & South America where an additional complimentary allowance of 1 piece not exceeding 23Kgs and less than 3m). Only one piece per passenger is allowed as additional free baggage allowance, above normal excess baggage rates shall be applied. 

Ryan Air

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50 € online
60 € Call center/Airport

Fee charged per Item/ Per One Way Flight A maximum weight of 20kg per item

Singapore Airlines

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Free - 8-60$ per kg Boards are included in your 20kg check-in allowance. Beyond this, you’ll be charged for 6kg of excess baggage for the first 15kg, and then for each kg past this. The rate varies from $10-60USD per kg depending on your route

South African Airways

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Free up to 20kg up to 20kg and max. 200cmbigger than 200cm - To be accepted strictly as cargo


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$50 / surfboard each way


50$ - 150$  Prices depending extremely on flight route. The first bag (paying the relevant fee) as part of your luggage and carry a maximum of three boards in one bag per passenger with a maximum weight of 70 pounds (32 kilos) and up to 12 feet (3.7 meters long).

United Airlines

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$100 within USA
$200 international
One board/bag per customer. Maximum 50 pounds (23 kg) and 115 inches (293 cm)

US Airways

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200$  One way and per board.

Virgin America

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$50 / surfboard One way and per board.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Free Max  277 cm (109 inches) length and 23kg.

Please note that we take no responsibility for the correctness of these rates. Please visit the respective website to check the most current charge.





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